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Our experience in commercial real estate finance extends multiple decades.  We have navigated through all types of market disruptions including the 1998 seizure of the CMBS market (Russian & Asian Currency crisis), early 2000’s “Dot Com” Bubble, 9/11, 2008 Great Financial Crisis (Lehman & Bear Stearns collapse), implementation of Dodd-Frank legislation & most recently the Covid pandemic.

These past events have demonstrated that capital availability is unpredictable and when disruptions occur, they can be devastating.  Over the years we have witnessed many of the largest and most sophisticated lenders close their doors and abandon their borrowers.  Often, this process was unexpected and instantaneous.

As a trusted, independent and reliable Advisor and conduit to the entire capital marketplace, EagleBridge is “lender agnostic”.  We are not tied to any specific capital source so when lenders retreat, we pivot to identify new and alternative competitive sources of capital.

Throughout the years EagleBridge has remained resilient, successfully navigating these storms by providing options, alternatives and solutions for our clients.  We will continue to do so into the future.


Our network of Capital Sources spans across the United States, with an emphasis on those most active within the New England Market. Our regionally focused network enables us to efficiently target the most competitive capital for a given transaction.  Clients can be assured that their financing request will be presented to the most appropriate sources, resulting in a competitive discovery process and ultimately the best terms and execution available.


Relationships are essential for a smooth & successful process and execution.  While our fiduciary responsibility is to our clients, having solid relationships with our capital sources is critical.

When lenders and capital providers receive a financing request from EagleBridge they trust that it has been professionally and intelligently underwritten and vetted.  Having a personal connection or familiarity with each other typically results in quicker responses, stronger reliance on our analysis and a more focused engagement.

We continually meet with and speak to new and existing capital sources.  Our objective is to always know which source of capital will be most competitive for a given transaction at any given time.

In periods of “frothy” markets the value of relationships can sometimes be taken for granted. However, we understand that when markets are volatile and unpredictable,  having reliable and principled colleagues in our corner who care about the well being of our clients is invaluable.


We represent the interests of our clients.  We provide  capital from the most appropriate and competitive capital sources at the time of each assignment.  We are not bound to any single source or have production goals with any lender so there are no conflicts of interest.


As a privately held Boutique Firm we are not part of a publicly traded conglomerate.  We don't have pressure from Wall Street to increase volume and quarterly earnings.  Every transaction and relationship is unique.  We have the flexibility to undertake assignments and work with clients who share values similar to ours.


We focus exclusively on Real Estate Finance.   We won't cross sell you on additional services like leasing, sales brokerage, management or valuation.  There are no quid-pro-quos with us.

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