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From an initial conversation, we will be able to determine if we can assist you with your financing request. We'll need to review the basics (property description, $ request, rent roll, income/expenses and a an understanding of the Sponsor).

Should you wish to engage us we will send you a 1 page Engagement Agreement ("EA"). The EA protects both parties by outlining our Terms of Service. Upon execution of the EA, we will move to fully underwrite your transaction.



During the underwriting stage, we will gather additional information that will be neccesary in order to complete our financial model & Financing 'Deck'.  We will call or email you with specific questions and clarifications.  Once complete, our Loan Request will be ready for distribution to lenders within the market.


We will generate a list of the of prospective lenders applicable to your transaction. The Loan Request Memmorandum is then distributed and we contact lenders to discuss the details and generate quotes/term sheets. All written quotes we will forward to you upon reciept for your review. The economics and characteristics of the transaction will determine the number/type of lenders we contact and number of quotes/term sheets we receive. During this process we will negotiate the best terms possible among the most favorable quotes so you can ultimately select a lender with whom to proceed.



We will assist in gathering all due-diligence materials required by the lender and field their questions in order for them to formally underwrite and approve your loan. We are also available to interface with 3rd party providers during this stage.  Once your loan is approved by the lender, we  remain available to provide guidance and address any unforeseen issues as the loan documents are drafted and negotiated between the legal teams.  Throughout this entire stage we will provide as much or as little counsel as you desire all the way through closing & funding.

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