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Independence, flexibility, and a targeted focus on commercial capital placement distinguishes us from many other firms.

  • Borrower Focused – We represent borrowers interests only.  We don’t service loans, so are not pressured to produce for specific lenders.  Our mission is to deliver our clients the most competitive deal as efficiently as possible from within the entire marketplace.
  • Pure-Play Capital Placement – We don’t cross-sell additional services such as property management, appraisal or leasing services.  No conflicts or quid-pro-quo’s with us.
  • Flexibility – We have more flexibility than most firms regardless of of size.  We look at every transaction individually not only based upon size, but complexity and all characteristics of the transaction.  On competitive transactions with desirable characteristics, we will compete on fees and beat most major firms.
  • No Pressure / No Hassle – Our clients view us as members of their team and value our guidance.  They can call us anytime to discuss a transaction or get a sense of how a transaction will be perceived within the market.  No pressure and no obligation.
  • Confidentiality  – We recognize that many borrowers have multiple relationships, both direct with lenders and with other intermediaries.  We will always keep the details of your transaction private.


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