Bridge Loans

short term financing for transitional value-add opportunities

Property Location

All markets considered with a focus on New England, Northeast & East Coast

Property Type

Existing Office, Retail, Industrial, Multi-Family, Hospitality, Self-Storage,  Special Use properties considered on a case by case basis

Loan Amount

$2.0 million+


Up to 36 months


Up to 75%


Up to 85%

Rate Type

Floating / Fixed

Interest Only

Yes (Typical)

Rate Index

SOFR or Set by lender for Fixed Rate loans

Spread / Rate

Varies - Call for current Quote.  Typically between 6-15% depending on lender & project


Varies, but most lender have a minimum lockout period, required yield / make whole or exist fee


Both recourse and non available depending on project / lender

Lender Points

Varies - Typically a minimum of 1%

EagleBridge Fee

Project specific

TI / LC Reserves

Typically funded partially or fully as part of the loan.

Inquiries / Questions?

Ted Sidel  | Brian Walsh
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